From Monday (13Feb17), Brooke will present a slot on America's Sirius XM, the New York-based radio station which also has Howard Stern and Pitbull on its roster.

The actress will host Brooke Shields Now at 12pm ET on Sirius' Stars channel.

"I've always been a believer in having honest, frank conversations - the kind so many women crave," Brooke said in a statement. "At SiriusXM, I've found the perfect place for that, and look forward to sharing the conversations with my friends, special guests, and listeners nationwide."

Her hour-long show will mix together celebrity guests with real life callers, covering various topics including parenting, fashion and the arts, as well as shining the spotlight on 51-year-old Brooke's own life.

Airing Monday to Friday, Brooke Shields Now has an initial run of six weeks, with the potential to be extended.