Brooke Shields relies on face masks to keep her skin looking youthful.

The 52-year-old actress ''always'' uses a skincare sheet on her face, but the ''new thing'' she swears by to give her a glowing complexion is a roller she scrubs at her skin with to open up her pores.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to, she said: ''I always put on a mask of some kind. I just found this new thing, where I could have just bought a plot of land on the water. It's one of those rollers, and oh my God, I love it. It's so crazy. It doesn't feel like a miracle. It just opens up your pores for whatever you put on after.''

The 'Lipstick Jungle' also relies on a variety of moisturisers, although she feels there are times when she ''needs'' to apply ''a chemical or two'' to her face.

She said: ''I like Neova cream that my doctor gave me. I'll use a bit of Renova at night for resurfacing. I use Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. At times I need a chemical or two to make sure it really, really works. If it stings, I feel like it's a good thing. Which is horrible, right?''

Meanwhile, Brooke - who has Rowan, 14, and Grier, 11 with her husband Chris Henchy - has revealed her daughters have encouraged her to flash more flesh.

She explained: ''The part of it I appreciate is that I never celebrated myself or my body. It felt indulgent or wrong, so there was a disconnect. I was wearing a bathing suit over the summer--I always wear bathing suits that cover everything, the bottoms in particular - and my older daughter said, 'You know what? You cannot wear that bottom. It goes all the way under your butt and [makes it look] so much bigger.' And I said, 'I'm not going to have my ass hanging out!' And she goes, 'You know what? You are.' So she finds me a new bathing suit, where that whole little shelf was out, and I was horrified, but my husband said, 'That bathing suit looks great. Rowan's right. If you show a little bit more, it's actually more flattering.' So, I had to learn from her. She said, 'Mom, face it, you've got a great butt. I don't know why you try to hide it.' And that type of validation is a big deal for me, because in the next breath, she hates me.''