The 51-year-old Chalet Girl star selected artist Will Kurtz's statue titled Keep America Great Again, which features a raccoon striking a pose next to an overflowing garbage bin, to display at a VIP preview for prestigious gallery Art Southampton last weekend (09-10Jul16).

However, the cleaners at the venue took the sculpture a little too literally when they were clearing things out and the staff members threw the piece in the trash right before the opening.

But Shields came to the rescue by partnering up with artist Kurtz to dig into the trash together to find the $8,000 (£6,000) piece, and the pair's efforts were fruitful, as they uncovered the statue right in the nick of time.

“We had works from Warhol to Banksy on display this weekend," Art Southampton founder and owner Nick Korniloff told Page Six. "We have a very aggressive cleanup crew because we like to keep the event pristine. They are trained to recognise and not take out any art, but unfortunately they looked at a trash can, and threw the contents away. The raccoon was left standing there next to an empty can."

“But, somewhat fortunately, we have a policy that everything goes in clear plastic bags — in case anything valuable gets thrown away — and Brooke and Will were able to go to where the overnight trash had been left, locate the missing part of the artwork, and recurate the work," he added. "It was down to the wire, but the work was reassembled just in time for the VIP preview.”

Other artists featured at the showing included actor Adrien Brody, Roy Lichtenstein and U.S. reality TV star Kevin O’Leary.