Brooke Shields loves ''mixing feminine and masculine tones''.

The 52-year-old actress - who has launched her own fashion collection - has revealed she loves to mix and match her outfits, adding that women should feel ''empowered by their own sense of style''.

Brooke explained: ''I love mixing feminine and masculine tones. I love a really feminine blouse with more of a man's trouser.

''I like the things that are less predictable but not for affect. This way it's not kicking away at people's individuality. Women should feel empowered by their own sense of style. They need pieces in their wardrobe to make their own personal sense of style come to fruition. That's a big piece for me.''

And Brooke - whose new collection with QVC is known as Brooke Shields Timeless - believes she's developed a good understanding of fashion during her time in the movie and modelling businesses.

She told Refinery29: ''This has been a cumulative effort over the years on my part. Every show that I've ever done, every television show, every Broadway show, there's a whole fit process and it doesn't matter what you're buying.

''You could be buying something off the rack at a discount store or you can be putting on haute couture of some famous designer. And they all can be tweaked and can look better.

''It's years of understanding that maybe I'm a little short-waisted, or maybe I'm long-waisted, or maybe I need a rise to be a little longer to bring your attention to my waist, my hips, whatever.

''The beauty of fitting these varied models is you watch these women of all sizes be able to not at all jeopardise their aesthetic or their look or line because it fits. It's been such a revelation for me.''