Brooke Shields has adopted a hands-on approach to her fashion line.

The 52-year-old actress has designed a collection for QVC, called Brooke Shields Timeless, and she's revealed she's taken an active interest in all aspects of the design process.

She explained: ''I'm involved in every button, every zipper, every seam, every hem and every pocket.

''The whole thing is initiated by an aesthetic I have, and working with the manufacturer and QVC themselves. They have a great deal of input. What's been so refreshing is they [QVC and KBL] have really consulted me on everything.''

Brooke had previously been approached by various companies about launching her own collection.

But the brunette beauty claimed that earlier in her career, the brands weren't actually interested in her input.

She told Women's Wear Daily: ''People just wanted me to stick my face on their aesthetic. They wanted a name more than they wanted the history and the legacy of it.''

Meanwhile, Doug Howe - the chief merchandising officer for the QVC Group - admitted to being impressed by Brooke's knowledge and her enthusiasm towards her new line.

He said: ''When we first heard Brooke speak about her collection, we were blown away by her passion and her attention to even the tiniest detail.

''Each and every piece of this line is special to Brooke and she's had her hand in every design decision, from stitch, colours to prints. We feel confident that her excitement will appeal to our customers and that her stories will inspire them.''