Brooke Shields has been criticised by PETA for encouraging youngsters to wear fur.

The actress recently admitted she supports the wearing of animal Skins following a visit to Kopenhagen Fur's workshop - but has since been blasted by animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for her adoration for the controversial fashion trend.

PETA has now hit back and said: "When I was a little girl, I dreamed about growing up to be a Rock Star. Or maybe a veterinarian. Or a roller derby Queen. I didn't dream about anally electrocuting animals on fur farms, but apparently Brooke Shields did."

The cutting post on PETA's website also mocked Brooke's career.

It continued: "We understand that when some actors' careers begin to fade, they'll do just about anything to stay in the limelight, including appearing in eyelash-growing commercials and starring in short-lived TV shows.

"But Brooke, did you really want the world to remember you as a 'fur pimp' who stares agog at rows of animal skins?"

Brooke's lack of animal sympathy seemingly stems from being bitten on the bottom by a lion in the early 90s.

She recently revealed: "It was on another movie in South Africa, 'Running Wild', where I played a woman who raised baby leopards.

"At one point, I turned my back on a lioness and she tackled me to the ground. Actually, she was totally tame but she bit my butt."