A lawyer for Brooke Mueller has shut down reports suggesting she checked into rehab after suffering a drug relapse at her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's house, insisting the actor has "nothing to do" with her latest stint in treatment.
The troubled reality TV star, who has long battled drug abuse, returned to a recovery centre last month (May12) as part of her "ongoing treatment" for addiction issues.
It was rumoured Mueller had slipped up on her path to sobriety after attending a party at Sheen's Los Angeles home, but her legal representative Yale Galanter is adamant his client has steered clear of drugs.
He tells Eonline.com, "(Rehab) was a pre-planned event... she has been there for close to three weeks.
"This process began when she entered in December and now this is part of her after-care program. Her overall treatment plan was always contemplated to be a year. She goes back every once in a while for what I call tune-ups or maintenance.
"Otherwise, she is doing fine... (Mueller) has to pee in a cup three or four days a week. There have been no bad reports. The proof is not in the tabloids. It is in the science. And the science says she is doing well."
And Galanter claims Mueller, who has two young sons with Sheen, was already in rehab when the supposed relapse is alleged to have happened in late May (12): "It couldn't have occurred because she wasn't even there when they say she was... I am speaking out because Charlie and Brooke and everyone just couldn't stand the rumours anymore. Charlie has nothing to do with her being in rehab again. Brooke and Charlie are doing really well. They are very close."