Brooke Mueller's mother has moved into her house to help her get back custody of her sons, Bob and Max.

The 35-year-old socialite - who lost custody earlier this month and is currently being treated for the 20th time in rehab - reportedly had her mother Moira Fiore move into her home as part of her plan to get the four-year-old boys back from their temporary legal guardian Denise Richards, upon her release.

The mother-of-two is allegedly afraid of losing them permanently, as well as the $55,000 she receives in child support from their father Charlie Sheen every month.

A source told gossip website, Moira ''has moved into her home in Tarzana. Moira plans on living with Brooke for the first few months after she gets out of rehab.

''This won't be the first time Moira has uprooted her life in Palm Beach, Florida, to help her daughter. Brooke is scared that Charlie is going to cut off her $55,000 in child support, and feels that the judge might give the boys back to her with her mom living under the same roof.

''Moira has had visitation with Bob and Max since they were placed in Denise's care.''

Insiders say that Brooke's chances of having custody re-instated after she leaves the Betty Ford clinic ''are slim to none at this point'' and a custody hearing will take place next month.

One source explained: ''The Los Angeles County of Department of Children & Family Services isn't just going to turn the boys over to Brooke when she leaves rehab because she has a repeated history of using drugs after leaving treatment.

''The twins are absolutely thriving in Denise's care and there is absolutely no reason to uproot them.''

Brooke recently tried to have the boys placed in her brother's care but a judge denied the request in favour of keeping them in Denise's care.

Child support is currently her only form of income and she would have retained the $55,000-a-month if her brother were caring for the boys.