Brooke Mueller claims she is ''doing excellent'' since leaving rehab.

The former wife of Charlie Sheen - who checked out of a treatment facility for drug addiction for the 19th time after just six days on Sunday (16.12.12) - insists her ex-husband has no reason to fear for her life and she is doing well.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two told gossip website she is ''doing excellent'' despite leaving rehab after such a short stay.

But a source close to her 'Anger Management' star ex said: ''Charlie has said he fears for Brooke's health and well being. She obviously just isn't in a good place right now. Brooke is in absolute denial about her addiction to drugs. The disease is winning and Charlie feels powerless to do anything to stop Brooke from her downward spiral. Charlie knows the twins are well cared for by Brooke's parents and nannies, but he is very concerned that they are going to grow up without a mother if she were to die because of her drug addiction.

''Charlie is shooting a remarkable 90 episodes in a very short period of time, 18-24 months. He is extremely busy with work, but will do whatever is asked of him to help Brooke in any way that he can.''

Brooke is said to be undergoing ''ongoing psychological outpatient treatment'' and is ''feeling much better,'' after a suspected overdose on prescription medication Adderall before being admitted to rehab earlier this month.

Brooke's three-year-old twins with Charlie, Bob and Max had been staying with Charlie's second wife Denise Richards because Brooke had fired her nanny, but are now being looked after by the troubled star's family.

In June, Charlie, 47, urged Brooke to check herself into rehab after he became concerned about her when she reportedly appeared ''out of it'' during a visit to his home.