Brooke Mueller has allegedly been branded an ''unfit mother'' by a judge.

The 35-year-old socialite, whose four-year-old twins with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Bob and Max, were removed from her custody last month and placed in Denise Richards' care by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, appeared in court on Monday (17.06.13) after checking out of the Betty Ford Clinic in California in favour of completing her rehab treatment elsewhere.

A source told gossip website that to say the judge was ''angry is a major understatement'' and warned her that she has little chance of regaining custody of her sons anytime soon.

The source said: ''The judge was livid that Brooke ditched Betty Ford, for a more upscale and less stringent rehab in San Juan Capistrano.

''Brooke was told that she was an unfit mother and her actions had seriously harmed her chances of regaining custody of the boys anytime soon. It was apparent to everyone that Brooke isn't taking her sobriety seriously. The judge was particularly irked that Brooke made the sudden move without even notifying her attorney or child protective services.''

It was previously reported that Brooke left her 21st stint in rehab early because it was ''too hard.''

A source recently said: ''Brooke didn't tell anyone, including her lawyer, that she had left Betty Ford.

''Brooke hated Betty Ford because she was required to do daily chores, which she resented. She complained that Betty Ford was just too hard. Betty Ford is hard-core and Brooke just doesn't respond well in situations where she can't call the shots.''

Although Brooke checked into rehab voluntarily, she was placed under involuntarily hold in psychiatric hospital before she agreed to seek treatment for her addiction.