Brooke Mueller doesn't want Charlie Sheen near their kids.

The former couple's three-year-old twins were being looked after by Charlie's ex-wife Denise Richards while Brooke undergoes rehab treatment, but Brooke was reportedly so furious when Denise asked to bring them to Charlie's home for a party that she asked relatives to remove them from her care.

A source told gossip website TMZ: ''Denise called Brooke Tuesday (11.12.12) to tell her she was taking the twins, along with her daughters, to Charlie's 'Anger Management' kiddie Christmas party.

''Brooke exploded, saying, 'Absolutely not,' adding, that she didn't want Charlie anywhere near the kids. After the conversation, Denise got a call from one of Brooke's lawyers threatening her if she dared to take the kids to the party.

''Denise didn't take the kids, but Brooke was so angry ... the next day Brooke's mother Moira knocked at Denise's door and demanded to take the two kids away. Denise obliged.''

Last Friday (07.12.12), Brooke had a short stay in hospital when the paramedics called to her house couldn't wake her up, although no illegal drugs were found in her system.

Her lawyer then confirmed on Tuesday she was seeking treatment for addiction issues with Adderall.