Brooke Hogan has defended her father Hulk Hogan and insists ''positive'' things happened after his blacklisting from the WWE.

The wrestling legend was fired from the organisation in 2015 after it was revealed in a leaked transcript that he'd used racist language while referring to his daughter's boyfriend in a secretly-recorded 2007 sex tape, and Brooke admits that if she'd had to go through similar experiences, she'd be a ''broken'' person.

But the 29-year-old singer hopes, like her, people realise ''everybody messes up'' and shouldn't pass judgement on one another.

She told People Now: ''He is definitely a strong individual. I'm telling you if I had to go through what he went through, you know, I would probably be broken.

''You know, I told him, people aren't stupid, they have a gut instinct of who people are and you're a great dad and everybody messes up. I always say don't judge anyone for saying differently than you do.

''But you know I think, bad things lead to good things. Even though it was a bad time for him, it led to something positive that protects other things.''

Hogan was fired from his role as an ambassador for WWE after a transcript from a sex tape recording - which was secretly made in 2007 when the 'Rocky III' star was suffering from depression - was leaked ahead of his trial against Gawker which revealed him using the 'N-word' during a conversation about his daughter's then-boyfriend.

The footage was leaked ahead of his 2016 trial against the website, who had posted a clip of the footage online in October 2012.

The wrestler received $31 million from the news outlet on top of the $140 million he was already awarded after the website posted the sex tape of him and Bubba The Love Sponge's then-wife Heather Clem, the New York Times reported last year.

As well as being fired, the sports entertainment giant also removed all reference to him from their official website and from their Hall of Fame.

However, there have been rumours of his return to WWE and his daughter teased the former wrestler may be back in the ring.

She said: ''I swear I always get in trouble when I'm excited.

''Even though he is my dad, I'm still like a fan and I get juiced up when he comes out to the ring so I will say this, he is capable of anything.''