TWILIGHT star Bronson Pelletier used his "street background" to escape after he was attacked by a group of drunken men at a fan convention in England, according to his manager.
The actor, who plays werewolf Jared in the franchise, was confronted in the restroom of Birmingham's Hilton Metropole Hotel while attending the Eternal Twilight 4 event earlier this month (Nov10).
The 24 year old was allegedly held in a headlock, but managed to free himself using fight skills he's learned.
His manager Darren Boidman tells, "(Pelletier was) signing autographs and taking pictures at an after-hours Twilight convention party (when men) who were at a wedding at the same venue thought it would be funny to put my client in a neck lock and threaten him. To their surprise, Bronson Pelletier, who has a 'street' background elbowed and fought his way loose in true wolf pack spirit. When he came back with some other 'wolves' to even the odds, these drunk a**holes were long gone."
Boidman has also dismissed reports the actor's nose was broken in the altercation, adding, "(He) is fine and was not hospitalised as some other reports have stated."