Broken Records Unveil 4ad Session And 2011 Tour Dates

Broken Records Unveil 4ad Session And 2011 Tour Dates

To mark the release of their second album, Let Me Come Home, Broken Records have recorded five songs for the latest instalment in the 4AD Sessions series.

In keeping with the stately qualities of the band's music, the session was filmed in a now derelict ornate chapel just off the Old Kent Road, built as part of the Victuallers' Asylum founded in 1827. Originally intended to house all those working in the brewing and innkeeping trade, the building has long-standing royal associations, something reflected in the unabashed grandiosity of the five-song performance.

Amidst stained-glass memorial windows and regal marble tablets, Broken Records ran through stirring renditions of several album tracks, including first single 'A Darkness Rises Up', while on 'Home', brothers Jamie and Rory Sutherland delivered a stripped-down performance that further highlights the emotional gravitas at the band's core.