Socialite Brody Jenner has written a grovelling letter of apology to GIRLS GONE WILD founder JOE FRANCIS after admitting the adult filmmaker was "wrongly accused" of beating up his ex-girlfriend in a 2009 club brawl.
Francis clashed with Jenner's then-lover Jayde Nicole in July 2009 and the model claimed to have suffered a "black eye, swollen face, bruised ribs" and other injuries during the incident at a Los Angeles nightclub.
She sued Francis for $1 million (£666,700) in October that year, citing "utter emotional distress and humiliation", only for the director to fire back with his own legal action, accusing Nicole of lashing out at him unprovoked and threatening to kill him during the scuffle.
Los Angeles authorities subsequently studied surveillance video footage of the brawl and supported Francis' claim of self-defence. Neither he nor Nicole were charged in the incident.
The legal dispute was settled out of court and, as part of the agreement, Jenner was required to formally apologise to Francis for the controversy.
In the letter, obtained by, Jenner writes, "I would like to acknowledge for the record that the media reports that you beat up Jayde Nicole... were completely inaccurate...
"I have always known you to be a gentleman and I'm very sorry that you were wrongly accused that night."
And Jenner, who is now dating pop punk Avril Lavigne, makes one final attempt to smooth things over by congratulating the filmmaker for his November (10) nuptials to news journalist Christina MCLarty.
He adds, "Please accept my congratulations and best wishes on your recent marriage."