Brody Jenner feels ''pretty lucky'' to have had his elbow ''put back together''.

The 35-year-old reality star injured his arm after falling off a one-wheeled hoverboard earlier this month and is thankful he ''lives in 2019'' where medical treatment means he is able to have the damage repaired and then embark on a rehabilitation programme instead of having it ''chopped off''.

Earlier this month, Brody took to Instagram to joke about the effects of anesthesia after his operation.

Alongside a picture of himself in hospital and a short video of him answering questions as he woke up after the surgery, he wrote: ''Just want to say thank you to Dr Modabber and his incredible team for putting my elbow back together.

''Apparently [my dog] Shoey and I were snowboarding in Park city while I was under. Thanks for all the get well wishes!''

And Brody - who was out with his wife Kaitlynn Carter when the accident happened - has now shared an X-ray photo of his elbow as he discussed his progress.

He captioned the post: ''Feeling pretty lucky to live in 2019. If this was a few hundred years ago they might of just chopped the lower half of my arm off, filled it with leeches and sent me home.

In all seriousness feeling very fortunate. Rehabilitation starts today!''

And he seems to be on the mend as shortly afterwards, his Instagram Story documented his Valentine's Day (14.02.19) date at a museum with his wife.

The 'Hills' star had previously shared his accident on his Instagram Story.

In a video clip, Kaitlynn rode the motorised board on grass before her husband decided to ride it down to a beach, only to fall off. He then showed his injured arm to the camera.