Punk icon Brody Dalle has accused MACy's department store bosses of using her image for their Fashion Rocks advertising campaign without her permission.

The singer/songwriter claims marketing executives copied a stencil of her sporting a Mohican hairstyle when she was a member of California punk act The Distillers, and used it without picking up the phone to ask her if it was Ok.

In an angry series of tweets, Dalle writes, "Here I am selling @MACys crappy fashion rocks campaign without being asked. @MACy's doesn't ask they just Steal."

She adds, "London Calling is one of the most revered punk rock records of all time, that photo (of The Clash) by Pennie Smith is one of the most iconic. @MACys i wonder if the clash would like to sell your crappy campaign? Paul Simonon is smashing his bass in the background."

Dalle suggest the campaign should be retitled "stealing rocks", adding, "Lucky for you I sent a cease and desist before you rolled out your nation wide fashion rocks campaign eh?".