Broadway Project Announce New Ep 'Better Left Unsaid' Released 3rd June 2013

Broadway Project Announce New Ep 'Better Left Unsaid' Released 3rd June 2013

Dan Berridge is the Bristol based producer and composer better known as Broadway Project and the Better Left Unsaid release, delivered on June 3rd is his latest offering. Slipping more into album territory than a conventional e.p, the 'Better Left Unsaid' release delivers five stunning tracks alongside remixes of the title track from Toob, Si Begg and Matthew Bourne.
Dan has been recording and releasing albums under the Broadway Project moniker for over 12 years and has seen his work span commissions that cover Film and TV projects all over the world. Berridge was appointed additional composer, writing music in between Brian Eno's score for Channel 4's 'Top Boy' and has a robust C.V attached to his musical score work.
The title track 'Better Left Unsaid' and the track 'Ghosts' both evolved from writing work. 'Better Left Unsaid' was originally written for a BBC3 project called the Boarding school Bomber, based on a true story of an Islamic radical from Bristol who attempted to bomb the local shopping centre.
The latest Broadway Project Broadcast is featured on the new BBC1 Natural History series, the 'Great Bear Stakeout' that aired back in April.

Although Broadway Project may be a new name to some, he's far from a newcomer. Starting out in production at the age of 28 with just records and an MPC sampler, he soon made the jump in 2005 to working with a computer and conveniently landed a role writing the score for a film called 'Here is somewhere else'.
Inspired by the likes of Trent Reznor, Brian Eno & Christobel Tapai De Beer, Berridge goes beyond the raw ingredients of offbeat productions to showcase his incessant interest with textures. Looking to bring elements of electronica and urban music into his projects and similarly bringing elements of his score work to his electronic releases yet his work is inventive and accessible.

Spending all his time writing music for a variety of different projects, pushing forward the role of electronic music production as a scoring tool. This goes way beyond adding synth orchestra's but Berridge will use acoustic instruments and live strings to work with his electronic productions.

''It has to work this way with no compromises. Synth riffs curated on a broken Korg MS20 is about as quirky as it gets.'' Says Berridge.
''Futuristic Widescreen Soul'' music is the title he lends to his output and whilst it would be easy to cast his spectrum of sounds into the 'cinematic' camp, the Broadway Project delivers so much more beyond this.
It's not about Hip-Hop, it's not Electronica, it's not Rock, it's not Dance, nor Jazz and not Classical. It sits somewhere between all of these, a happy outcast and a timeless one at that.