Life imitated art for Brittany Snow on the set of new movie JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE - she discovered her boyfriend was a love rat. In the film, the actress plays a love vigilante out to defend the honour of three girl friends who discover they all have the same cheating boyfriend, played by Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe. But in real-life, she was having to deal with her own heartbreak after discovering her unnamed boyfriend was cheating on her. Snow turned to co-stars Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush and R+B sensation Ashanti for emotional support as she struggled to cope. Snow says, "I turned to my three co-stars and we all became such amazing friends. We helped each other through so much. "The day I found out about my ex-boyfriend I climbed into bed with Sophia and we had this slumber party and she bought me this huge bouquet of flowers the next day and wrote me a poem. "Arielle would show up at my hotel with cookies. They were amazing. We would have slumber parties all the time. Ashanti would be writing a song in the corner and we would have pizza. "It was really amazing to be with girls that are just there for you. I now consider Sophia and Arielle my best friends. "I see Ariel all the time because she hooked me up with my current boyfriend and we've been dating for seven months."