Brittany Snow got ''pretty injured'' on the set of 'Bushwick'.

The 30-year-old actress - who stars in the action thriller alongside Dave Bautista - insists she didn't do any training ahead of her performance in the film as she wanted to show how her character Lucy wasn't experienced with firearms.

She said: ''There actually was no training. But Lucy isn't a fighter - she doesn't know how to use a gun - and I wanted to make sure that was apparent.

''I hate movies where a girl is handed a gun who's never shot before in her life and all of a sudden she miraculously knows how to use it. I actually got pretty injured on set. I'm one of those people that uses my adrenaline a lot, and I really went for it in one scene and smashed my rib into a car and bruised it so badly that I couldn't walk.''

Despite suffering the injuries, the blonde beauty was drawn to the role - a big departure from starring in musical comedy 'Pitch Perfect'.

Asked why she opted for a role in 'Bushwick', she added: ''It was a combination of things. I really wanted to play a character that incorporated a lot of action but also had an arc.

''From beginning to end, we see this girl go from being naive and weak to realizing that, in times of war or violence, you have to pick whether you're going to stand up and fight for yourself and others, or lay down and let it happen.''

And Brittany teased the script for 'Pitch Perfect 3' is ''really funny''.

She told ''The script is really funny. Everyone is on board and excited about it. Every time we do a movie, it's so fun, because I get to hang out with my best friends every day and get paid to sing and dance.

''Kelley [Jackle] was my roommate for three years, I was in Anna [Camp]'s wedding, [Anna] Kendrick and I are super close. They're at the Falcons-Packers game right now sending pictures to make me jealous. I'm very Chloe-esque in that I'm the event planner. I'm setting up a party for us next weekend as we speak.''