Brittany Snow uses running as ''meditation time''.

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress uses music to motivate her and finds taking to the streets while she exercises a great way of exploring new places.

She said: ''I grew up running, so I'm a pretty big runner now. What I like about running is that I love music and finding new music.

''What I usually do is put a playlist together of new songs I've never heard before or scour Spotify for bands or albums that I'm really looking forward to hearing, and then I just put on that album.

''When I'm in a new place, I make sure that I run to see the sights. It's kind of like a meditation time.

''I also love Pilates and Spinning, but I got way too into Spinning a couple years ago, and I had to get off that train. I got obsessed.

''Music is really the biggest thing for me, especially whenever I hear a new song. I love dancing, and I have an elliptical at home... thank God nobody can see this, but I'll put on music and dance on my elliptical.''

The 32-year-old star also shared details of her healthy diet.

The 'John Tucker Must Die' actress begins her day with egg whites and fruit, and for lunch will have a salad, with goat's cheese or salmon, and throughout the day the star snacks on a huge bowl of berries she keeps ready in her fridge.

Brittany revealed her favourite ingredients, which she always keeps in her kitchen and her top healthy recipes.

In an interview with Style Caster, she said: ''Cinnamon. I put cinnamon on everything. Almond milk. I put almond milk in everything.

''I have this really weird recipe where I make cauliflower mashed potatoes. It's basically just cauliflower and almond milk, and it sounds disgusting, but it's really good.''