Brittany Snow is a ''tomboy''.

The 31-year-old actress has described her fashion sense as being ''classic and effortless'', but also on the verge of being boyish.

Speaking to Metro newspaper about her style, the 'Pitch Perfect' star said: ''It would be classic and effortless and a bit tomboy.''

But the American beauty has revealed her stylist tries to force her out of her comfort zone and has been desperately trying to turn Brittany into a ''lady''.

She explained: ''My stylist friend is much more of a lady, she wants to always make me very Jackie O. ''

However, Brittany puts up all the stops and is constantly ''pushing back'' her fashion guru's advice.

She added: ''I'm always pushing back''.

The 'John Tucker Must Die' star has admitted she has had her fair share of ''unglamorous'' moments in her life, and even when she attends a glitzy star-studded bash she feels ''out of place'' and awkward.

She explained: ''Oh god, there's so many not glamorous moments. The most glamorous thing I've done for a while would be be to go to Cannes for Bushwick. there were yacht parties and I felt so out of place. I didn't know what to do with my hands and stood in a corner at some point.

''Probably the most unglamorous would be rushing to meetings with French fries in my car, talking on the phone, getting dressed because I'm late.''

Meanwhile, Brittany is set for a busy year ahead as she is set to film a new short movie, which she will also direct.

Speaking about her future ventures, she said: ''I'm getting ready to shoot a short film I wrote and I'm going to direct so that's exciting. I also did a movie called 'Hangman' with Al Pacino and Karl Urban. That was great, working with them and learning from Al.''