Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy is warning all men they have to suffer at least one heartbreak in their lives if they hope to date her.

The New Jersey native, who once dated her Just Married co-star ASHTON KUTCHER and 8 MILE co-star Eminem, recently split from her fiance JEFF KWATINETZ and has remained single ever since.

And the bubbly beauty admits she's more than willing to have another try at romantic bliss - but her boyfriend-to-be must have first-hand knowledge of emotional pain.

She says, (I'd like) someone that really gets life and has had a broken heart - that's important because that adds character. They don't have to have a broken heart (now), but just someone that's had one in the past.

"Someone that's funny and embraces life, because it's short and it's important and I think we really have to enjoy ourselves.

"I'm not looking. I think he'll find me."

05/08/2004 21:22