Actress Brittany Murphy assures her potential boyfriends their secrets will always be safe if she has anything to do with it - because she refuses to snoop through her man's belongings.

In her upcoming movie Little Black Book, Murphy plays a woman who goes through her boyfriend's PALM PILOT to learn about his past, but she insists she's never been overcome with the temptation to carry out such an act in real life.

Murphy, ex-girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher and Eminem, says, "There was a screening a couple of days ago that 500 people attended. Seventy per cent of all the women said that they snooped."

And during dinner hosted later for the cast, the question was raised again, says Murphy, who adds, "Everyone raised their hand but me," prompting co-star Holly Hunter to brand her a liar.

The New Jersey native recalls, "I said, 'I'm not a liar. I swear I've never done something like that in my whole life, and I wouldn't even think of doing something like this."

03/08/2004 21:26