Actress Brittany Murphy has such strong allergic reactions to down pillows, she suffers nightmares whenever she sleeps on them.

The 8 MILE beauty travels with her own pillows so she can sleep in peace.

She says, "When I stay in new hotel rooms, I go with the cheap, flat foam pillows. I like them better...

"I get bad dreams, nightmares, and that's one of the side effects... I believe it was some Inca culture. They believe that the mind actually controls the stomach.

"You know when you get that nervous feeling, your stomach starts to get butterflies. So sort of one thing can control the other, so it's all sort of a matter of belief.

"It drove my stomach crazy because I would have these terrible nightmares - also along with congestion and big watery red eyes. Normal allergy symptoms."

11/04/2005 09:24