Former screen siren Britt Ekland has hit out at celebrity supercouple DAVID and Victoria Beckham, accusing them of manipulating the media to get in the papers.

The pair are ever present in the British press - most recently for coverage of allegations ENGLAND captain Beckham cheated on his former SPICE GIRL wife with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

But Ekland insists the couple - dubbed 'Posh and Becks' deserve everything they get, because they court media attention to help them stay famous.

The former wife of British acting great PETER SELLERS says, "With Posh and Becks there is an awful lot of manipulation and planning and pouting and pushing and using.

"We didn't do that. We didn't spent five or ten minutes posing in front of the cameras just to get out picture in the next day."

16/06/2004 21:21