Swedish actress Britt Ekland has blamed her affliction with bone disease osteoporosis on her ruthless pursuit of the perfect body.

The GET CARTER sex symbol, 62, admits her debilitating condition was caused by a lifetime of dieting and she's begged other women to be aware of the pitfalls that await them if they abuse their bodies.

She explains, "I am an actor and staying slim is part of the job, so like most celebrities I have been on a diet for most of my adult life. I would crash diet for a job and then when that job was finished I would allow my weight to go back up again.

"As a result, my body has been deprived of essential vitamins and nutrients, which no doubt contributed to my osteoporosis. I do worry terribly about today's female celebrities, who are even thinner than our generation was.

"Some of these girls are very tall and weigh the same as I do. And the worst thing is that other women feel they have to copy the people they see looking so slim in magazines and in the films."

11/01/2005 14:16