Veteran actress Britt Ekland has shown her love for her pet chihuahua by having a tattoo of the pooch inked on her arm.
The former Bond girl, 68, had her first tattoo done eight years ago, and she has now added to her body art collection with an inking of her beloved pup Tequila.
She tells Britain's Daily Express, "I've had it done yes, I can see it but no one else can. It took about an hour and (a) half, it wasn't so bad - when you've given birth nothing else compares. I had it done by the most famous tattooist in the world at the Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Strip in L.A."
Ekland is not the only member of her family to go under the needle - her son is now sporting a tattoo tribute to his famous mother.
She adds, "My son got a tattoo of me last October. It's a black and white image of me in a Swedish folk outfit, all over his chest where his heart is. We were at a party at Soho House L.A. and after dinner he rips his shirt open and shows me and I just burst into tears!"