LA Lakers star Luke Walton has denied rumours that he is dating troubled pop princess Britney Spears.

After Britney attended a few Lakers games last week the tabloids concluded that she was dating one of the team's star players.

However Walton decided to clear up the matter during a basketball-related press conference as, one can imagine, his girlfriend isn't all to happy about the gossip.

"The rumours aren't true,'' said Walton who is dating Bre Ladd, a former volleyball player at the University of Arizona, who was also at The Game Britney attended. Funnily enough, she was left out of the shot.

"I'm sure Britney is a great person. I don't even know her. I have a girlfriend right now. I'm in a relationship. I'm very happy with my relationship. I don't know where it's all started, but none of it is true," the six foot eight inch tall basketball giant told reporters.

But it seems that such rumours are a side-effect of being a high-profile sports star in LA where photographers loom on every corner.

"If I was living in Milwaukee, this wouldn't have happened," Walton said. "It's definitely an LA thing."

13/04/2007 08:03:42