Pop beauty Britney Spears has been advised she should have stayed with her first husband JASON ALEXANDER - by property tycoon Donald Trump.

In January (04), Spears shocked fans by walking own the aisle with her childhood pal in an impromptu Las Vegas ceremony, only to have the marriage annulled just 55 hours later.

And now that Spears has announced her plans to marry father-of-two KEVIN FEDERLINE, Trump believes she'd have been better off with her first choice of husband.

He says of her plans to marry Federline, "I think it's a major mistake. I wish I could sit down and advise her. She has performed for me in various (venues). I really like her, but this will haunt her forever.

"She was with another guy who she married for (55 hours), and frankly I thought he was terrific. He was so nice that he let her out of it and didn't take her to the cleaners. She should have stayed married to him."

05/08/2004 21:22