Troubled singer Britney Spears needs to apologise for her egotistical behaviour and ask for help, insists super producer Timbaland. Spears attempted to make her pop comeback at Sunday's (09Sep07) MTV Video Music Awards, but her lacklustre performance was panned by critics. And Timbaland believes the Toxic star will only be able to save her career if she teams up with her ex, Justin Timberlake. He tells MTV, "She needs a story. She has no comeback story. That's the problem. She has to have a team. "She needs to come back with Justin doing records. (Then we'd see headlines like), 'She went back to her ex and she's making smashes.' (But instead she got) so big-headed and (was) like, 'Screw you, screw you, I don't need nobody.' "She should humble herself and make a phone call and say, 'I'm sorry.' She knows what she's sorry about. She needs to say, 'I was wrong,' and it'll definitely move forward. That's all she has to say." Timbaland is reported to have set aside a week to record a track with Timberlake and Spears - but the troubled star cancelled the studio session at the last minute and refused to record the song.