Britney Spears's fiance Kevin Federline's first love has spoken of the heart-break she suffered after he "cheated" on her while they dated.

FELICIA CABIERO, 26, has spoken of the "pain" she endured after discovering the dancer had started dating other girls at their Californian school during their romance.

Cabiero says, "He was my first love. He was very charming and affectionate. He made me think my world was his and vice versa. We started dating when we were both just 12.

"I was the one who introduced him to dance. He had been doing break-dancing in the streets and stuff and I told him about this hip-hop class in Fresno."

She comments, "I just hope he doesn't break Britney's heart like he did mine. He ended up breaking it off.

"He cheated on me with quite a few girls. I confronted him and he finally admitted it.

"He completely cut off contact with me and it caused me a lot of pain.

"He broke my heart. I really did love him. I'd still like to get payback for the hurt he caused me."

Federline attempted to rekindle his relationship with Cabiero when they met again at a club when she was 18 - however she told him she "wasn't interested any more", reports British newspaper the DAILY MIRROR.

04/07/2004 10:47