Britney Spears allegedly insulted a shop's salesman after he repeatedly asked her to pose with him for a photograph - even though he helped her escape a throng of fans.

The singer were shopping in a Scottsdale, Arizona, America mall with younger sister JAMIE-LYNN unaccompanied by their usual bodyguard when the pair entered a audio-visual stall, attracting the attention of salesman TONY GAVILOS - who asked Britney if he could get his picture taken with him.

However, although Spears refused his request, when a throng of fans began to develop around them, she begged Gavilos to pretend to be her bodyguard to help her escape the unwanted attention.

But even though the salesman escorted the Spears sisters safely out of the store and into the mall's car park, when he repeated his picture request, she not only turned him down once again, but also reportedly threw a "vulgar term" at him.

Gavilos got his own back though, he told the 21-year-old that she wasn't as pretty as she appeared on television.

16/07/2003 17:32