Pop babe Britney Spears had a shocking near-miss with a shark at the weekend (24/25APR04) - when she found herself swimming with a man-eating fish on California's Malibu Beach.

The TOXIC star was cooling off in the Pacific Ocean on a boogie board when she spotted the shark, and had to scramble to get back to the safety of the beach.

A source tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR, "Britney was relaxing in the water and just paddling around. Suddenly, she spotted the shark and realised what danger she was in.

"She shouted, 'Oh my God! Shark! Shark! I see a shark out there, someone help me!' But then she soon recovered her cool."

As Britney recovered from the ordeal - while lifeguards warned other bathers to stay out of the sea - she was heard to say, "That was really scary. I was almost fish food."

26/04/2004 14:07