Pop princess Britney Spears' record label are terrified she will put on weight, after an injured knee caused her to cancel her ONYX HOTEL tour.

Bosses at JIVE are keen for the star to retain the svelte figure she's attained through rigorous exercise for tour - and are concerned now she is on crutches her exercise routine is being reduced.

A source tells American news site PAGESIX.COM, "She is a big girl anyway.

"She is prone to gaining weight and likes her junk food.

"Being on tour with all of the dancing was keeping a lot of the weight off, but now that she's going to be on crutches for a while, people are worried she will balloon up."

But a source close to the singer insists she is working hard to stay in shape: "She will be taking a couple of weeks off her leg, but she is walking on crutches and will continue to remain in good shape with the help of physical therapy."

18/06/2004 17:20