LATEST: Britney Spears has infuriated her fans by claiming her injured knee was the cause of her no-shows at her kids camp and the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Young fans at the BRITNEY SPEARS CAMP FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, on Saturday (28AUG04) were devastated when the TOXIC star failed to appear at their end-of-summer show, leaving her mother LYNNE to meet-and-greet campers.

The mother of one camper, HEATHER PASCARELLI, told leading fansite WORLDOFBRITNEY.COM, "They were really disappointed, and some of them were saying that she just didn't feel like coming, because if she can go out and about with KEVIN (FEDERLINE) or shopping or whatever, then she could have come here."

And Spears was a shock no-show at the Miami, Florida, VMA bash on Sunday (29AUG04) after last year's (03) infamous onstage kiss with Madonna.

Her spokesperson LESLIE SLOANE-ZELNICK claims Spears had gone for a check-up on her knee following her arthroscopic surgery operation in June (04), and was told her injury was not healing as well as they had hoped.

Over the weekend, Spears and her fiance Federline were photographed dining and shopping at California hotspots Malibu and Santa Monica.

Sloane-Zelnick says, "It's unfortunate. But that doesn't mean she can't continue life or eat dinner. First and foremost, she wanted to attend the camp, and then the VMAs. But she couldn't go to either, since both were on the east coast."

02/09/2004 17:13