Newlywed pop babe Britney Spears has been praised for her "very pleasant" kissing skills by acting heart-throb Martin Henderson.

The EVERYTIME beauty enlisted the hunky New Zealander to star in her TOXIC video earlier this year (04), after she was impressed by his performance in horror blockbuster The Hole.

The 29-year-old actor describes Spears as a "very pleasant" kisser, saying, "That was a weird day. Lie on the floor, kiss Britney Spears, go home.

"She was in weird leather and chiffon wings and every time she went to straddle me, material would drape across my face. We ended up making out six or seven times."

When asked if he's met Britney since, Henderson replied, "No, but I've spoken to her a few times." He then refused to confirm if he has her number, "I can't answer that."

01/10/2004 19:50