Hollywood jeweller NANCY DAVIS has been left holding Britney Spears' gems after the pop star ordered $6,900 (GBP3,850) worth of necklaces for her originally planned October (04) wedding and then switched dates.

Davis reveals she was still working on the designs for the $2,400 (GBP1,330) heart-within-a-heart necklace and five 'Peace and Love' necklaces for Britney's bridesmaids when she heard about the surprise wedding at the weekend (18SEP04).

She says, "We do still have the jewellery. I don't know exactly where that leaves it.

"We didn't really have a chance to deliver them for the newer date. Maybe she'll (Britney) want to get it in the future for her bridesmaids."

23/09/2004 09:22