Pop queen Britney Spears is being honoured with a star on Hollywood's legendary WALK OF FAME - even though she's only appeared in one film.

Film fans are infuriated by the move to give the 22-year-old singer her own star alongside movie greats like Marilyn Monroe, Robert De Niro and JOHN WAYNE - claiming Spears' one acting role in last year's (02) CROSSROADS leaves her vastly under-qualified.

BRETT REID organises visits to the star-paved street and says, "It's a joke. Most of the people featured on it are total legends. What has Britney done to deserve hers?"

While film fan LAURA BAKER muses, "We came to see ELVIS, now he is a legend. But Britney? She's more famous for her love life than anything else."

23/06/2003 13:54