Pop babe Britney Spears reacted in "anger" when she lost out on a starring role in new movie I Heart Huckabees to OSCAR-nominated actress Naomi Watts.

The TOXIC singer is eager to garner credibility in Hollywood following the disastrous reviews and box office performance of her film debut CROSSROADS in 2002.

But three auditions to play Jude Law's on-screen girlfriend DAWN in existential comedy I Heart Huckabees failed to convince film-maker DAVID O RUSSELL she possessed the "right" qualities for the role - a verdict which enraged Spears.

Russell says, "Britney wanted Naomi's part and read for me three times. She didn't get it and was very angry."

But the director has offered Spears an incentive to continue pursuing her acting career.

He adds, "I'd love to use her in the right role."

22/10/2004 09:44