Britney Spears' family went "nuts" when they learnt of her shock Las Vegas wedding - according to the bride groom Jason Alexander.

Alexander, 22, and Spears, 22, wed in the gambling capital on 3 January (04) and were greeted with a hostile Spears' family and their lawyers in the early hours after their marriage.

Alexander says, "We'd married just after 4am (03JAN04) and by 7am we knew we had to phone our families. Britney phoned her mum and I heard LYNNE screaming back at her. She went nuts.

"Her brother BRYAN rang and I spoke to him. He talked about annulment. I didn't know what the word meant so I didn't say anything. Britney told me to ignore her family."

However within hours, the Spears family and her business team were hammering down the door in their hotel suite at the PALMS CASINO HOTEL.

He explains, "Her brother was there with all her people. He whisked Britney into another suite and I was left with the rest of them.

"It happened so quickly. Next her lawyers walked in. They spread a lot of papers on the desk and said if I cared about Britney I'd sign them. Britney didn't say anything.

"The annulment papers stated Britney 'lacked understanding of her actions... They did not know each other's likes and dislikes, each other's desire to have or not have children, and each other's desires as to the state of residency."

The annulment officially took place 55 hours after the wedding on 5 January (04).

That night Spears, Alexander, her brother, her friends and her staff all went out for a meal - which her now ex-husband calls "awful".

He adds, "I sat down next to her, she was crying. Everyone else was laughing about what we had done as though it was a big joke.

"We were treated like kids."

After Alexander had been sent home back to Louisiana on an "economy class" ticket, his contact with Spears became limited.

He comments, "We carried talking on the phone and Britney said she felt the same about me. Britney would beg me to see her, it was more her than me but then I would get these calls cancelling it. It was as if someone was stopping us.

"Then in March (04) I tried to call her and she'd changed her number without telling me. I knew it was over."

11/07/2004 14:29