Britney Spears' fledgling British tour has been poorly received by her fans - with some calling for a boycott of the rest of the sexy singer's dates.

Spears, who has experienced a rocky personal life recently, infuriated many devoted fans by miming throughout her first London date on Monday (26APR04) - with many concert-goers flooding the internet to warn off others from attending the star's ONYX HOTEL tour.

JULIAN REYNOLDS, 29, says, "All she did was lip sync and copy Madonna. It was a waste of money. She thinks she's a big star, but big stars can sing live."

One posting on a Britney fan site says, "I've been waiting to see Britney live for years but on the strength of the show she wasn't worth it.

"She was really bad and my advice to all of you is not to bother going to see her. She's a waste of money."

28/04/2004 13:38