Britney Spears is devastated fans are disappointed with her recent bad behaviour and is vowing to get her life back on track in 2007. The TOXIC singer has recently made worldwide headlines for her partying, pantyless antics with the paparazzi and a New Year's eve (31DEC06) incident in which she reportedly passed out at a Las Vegas nightclub. Spears' manager LARRY RUDOLPH says, "She understands what's going on right now, and she calls it her 'rocky moment.' Britney knows exactly what she needs to do. "I'm not defending (her behaviour), and she's not defending it. (With regards to New Year's Eve) we were sitting there drinking orange juice. She got tired in a club, and we took her back to her room. "Suddenly, I'm hearing words like 'collapsed' and 'passed out.' From what they've been seeing and hearing, I understand the disappointment (from fans). "But Britney is increasingly motivated to get out there. She sees this as a challenge, that some fans may be questioning her. She is respectful. She sees this as her challenge to win them back. "She's taking all the right steps. Britney Spears will be back and absolutely at the top of the entertainment industry very soon."