Troubled singer Britney Spears's spotty complexion has won her the dubious honour of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual Skinnies Awards. Every January, San Francisco, California dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese hands out accolades to celebrities who look after their skin - and names and shames those who are too tanned, pock-faced or botoxed. And this year (08), Spears has won the quirky awards' top prize for her "tendency to adult acne, her head-shaving episode, and her recent attempt at lip augmentation". Elsewhere, actor Will Smith won the Acne Survivor award for "apparently beating a chronic tendency to adult acne", while Nicolas Cage has received the Back In Theaters award for his thinning hairline, which hasn't receded in several years, "suggesting he may have had hair transplantation surgery". On a more complimentary note, fair-skinned beauty Amy Adams won the Sun Protected Princess award.