Pop beauty Britney Spears is being warned her new beau Kevin Federline is a pot-smoking love cheat, by two of his ex-girlfriends.

Federline, who has a two-year-old daughter with former MOESHA star SHAR JACKSON - as well as a son due to be born in July (04) - ended his romance with the actress last month (APR04) to begin dating Spears, and now two more former lovers have stepped forward to claim the TOXIC singer's new man is a bad boy.

AMY WOODY, 24, met Federline when she was 13 and studying dance in Fresno, California, and in 1999 they became a couple.

She tells America's STAR magazine, "He was a very smooth talker and a great lover. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world.

"He and I smoked (pot) all the time."

Federline soon moved to Los Angeles to pursue showbiz success, leaving Woody behind. While they initially kept in touch through letters and weekend visits, Woody claims she was soon dumped and heartbroken when she was just 15.

FELICIA CABIERO, now a 26-year-old HOOTERS waitress claims Federline cheated on her with "quite a few girls" over the two years they dated while at middle school.

She says, "I confronted him and he finally admitted it. He broke my heart."

Cabiero affirms Federline's hard-partying ways, claiming that he used to smoke pot - even while the boy band he danced for, LFO, while on tour with Spears in 2000.

She adds, "He said there was a lot of partying, drinking and pot smoking."

23/05/2004 21:16