Britney Spears is considering following in Angelina Jolie's footsteps and giving birth to her second child in Namibia. The African nation's Deputy Environment and Tourism Minister, LEON JOOSTE, has revealed that Spears and her family have shown an interest in visiting his country - and the pop superstar could deliver her second child there. Jooste claims Spears was impressed with the privacy Jolie and boyfriend Brad Pitt were able to demand while they prepared for the birth of their daughter SHILOH NOUVEL, who was born in Namibia last month (MAY06). And he claims Spears' aides have been in touch with him to make tentative plans. He says, "She has shown an interest to come over to Namibia... She wants to come in very low profile and have some privacy. She might change her mind if we reveal too much." During a recent interview for US TV news magazine show DATELINE, which aired last night (15JUN06), Spears announced she's tiring of the constant media intrusion into her life. Namibian government officials provided Pitt, Jolie and their family a safe haven earlier this year (06) when they helped shield the couple from paparazzi, insisting that visiting journalists had to obtain permission in writing to shoot or report on the pair. Pressed on whether her second child will be a boy or girl, Spears insisted she didn't know and doesn't want to know until the baby arrives.