Britney Spears' paparazzo boyfriend ADNAN GHALIB has been condemned by friends of the star for revealing her personal voicemails on TV. The British born photographer, who has been dating the Toxic star since December (07), played several voicemails left on his cellphone during an interview on U.S. show Entertainment Tonight. In the clips played, Spears appears to mispronounce Ghalib's first name as "Aiden". Spears is heard to say, "Hi Aiden (sic), it's your favourite person in the whole world, gimme a call, bye." Another message played on the show features Spears talking in her British accent; something Ghalib insists is perfectly normal behaviour. He says, "I'm sure you do the same things sometimes where you're away for the day or you know you aren't gonna see someone for the remainder of the day, and you just want to hear their voice." It's not the first time Ghalib's motives for dating Spears has come into question - earlier this month (Jan08) he was accused of setting up pictures of himself and Spears for the benefit of his own financial gain and his picture agency employer.