A wad of gum reportedly chewed by troubled pop star Britney Spears is being sold at online auction site eBay. The seller claims to have retrieved the gum when Spears went to visit estranged husband Kevin Federline in Tarzana, California on 21 February (07). The gum was first listed on the site on 26 February (07) and is going for $350 (GBP179). According to the information posted by the seller, "Myself and a few onlookers gathered downstairs and watched the photographers mob her. "At one point Britney got mad and yelled at them and a bit later she spat out her gum on the nearby grass. I gathered it shortly after and took it home where I put it straight into my Ziplock (plastic) bag. "Also nearby I found a gum wrapper, but I do not want to speculate if that is hers. Nonetheless, I will include that too, because it could be."