Britney Spears served up expletive-laden diet tips to an overweight video cameraman after she was surrounded by paparazzi in Beverly Hills on Sunday (22Jul07). The pop superstar pulled her Mercedes Benz over to the side of the road to attend to her sobbing son in the back of the car and she was far from amused when one heavyweight snapper blocked her exit. Angry Spears wound her window down and said, "You gonna get on a diet? Have you ever tried WeightWatchers?" Then, as she continued to struggle to drive away, the singer added, "Why don't you run; you need to f**king jog." The paparazzi attack, which took place while Spears' kids continued to scream in the back of the car, came after the singer approached the paparazzi mob following her car and asked them politely to leave her alone. She said, "You've got to stop using the cameras and following people. This is illegal."