Britney Spears' uncle blames the singer's father JAMIE for her reported battle with alcohol and drugs, because he was "drunk all the time". William Spears - Jamie's 49-year-old brother - claims the pop star spent her childhood witnessing her family's drunken antics, and insists their boozy lifestyle is responsible for Britney's own reported struggle with the bottle. He tells British newspaper The Sun, "Just about everyone in the Spears family is a drunk and Britney's dad Jamie was one of the worst. "He would drink from daylight to night. Britney saw him drunk all the time... "Britney grew up thinking it was alright to drink and that you can live with a drinking problem." Jamie Spears checked into rehab in 2004 to kick his alcohol demons and an addiction to painkillers, while 26-year-old Britney had a brief stint at a drug rehabilitation facility in Antigua in February 2007. William Spears, who lives in a camper van in the star's native Louisiana, is also a recovering addict and claims he has been sober for over four years. He has since been diagnosed with lung cancer.